Flux Factory, NYC

February, 2019

Rinkworm, a week-long pop-up roller rink installation at Flux Factory. The program included daily open skating with in-house DJ’s, a ‘skate-in’ movie screening of Rollerball (1975), Flux Thursday potluck and couples skate with MC Vinyl Richie, Valentine candy lollipop casting, a night of performance art featuring Seth Timothy Larson and Abigail Entsminger, MOM, and Joseph Keckler, a late-night roller disco with DJ’s PlayPlay and Sponsored Lynx, live music with Ben Seretan, Karaoke on Ice, and themed skates and raffles.

Collaborators: Danny Crump, Sarah Dahlinger, Micah Snyder, Matt Roche, Jevijoe Vitug

Special Thanks: Cayla Lockwood, Jonathan Sims, Nova Scott James, Jess Dilday, Richard Nathaniel, Will Owen, Dew Igworia

Documentation: Jaime Iglehart and Fiona McCormac