One Spa on a Time

Flux Factory, NYC

July 2018

One Spa on a Time, a 60-hour spa resort installation built in Flux Factory’s gallery complete with a dry sauna, outdoor shower, tanning bed, and relaxation lounge. Amenities included spa robes, towels, UV-protective eyewear, custom tanning stickers, peppermint salt scrub, cucumber masks, and a menu of refreshments and healthy meals.

Special programming throughout the 60 hours included afternoon yoga with Michael O’Malley, an overnight 6-hour durational audio performance by Man Bartlett, late-night performances by Seth Timothy Larson, Michael O’Malley, and Jaimie Warren, and afternoon cool-down yoga with Emily Melander.

Collaborators: Danny Crump, Sarah Dahlinger, Micah Snyder, Kyung jin Kim and Will Owen

Special thanks: Jevijoe Vitug, Wieteke Heldens, Cayla Lockwood, Jonathan Sims, Nat Roe, and Amir Badawi

Documentation: Danny Crump, Sarah Dahlinger and Jonathan Sims