Limo Cult

Flux Factory, NYC

June, 2017

Limo Cult featured a handmade 70-ft limousine complete with 50+seats, a dance club, full bar, a 7-channel video installation, and custom on-board navigation system. The limo’s destination was a greasy altarpiece and two deep fryer stations. Participants brought food items for our deep fried potluck at the Culinary Equalizer and were also invited to sacrifice objects to the Concession, our sculptural deep fry. The event program included a champagne brunch, a 12-hr DJ set and audio-scape by DJ Sponsored Lynx (Will Owen), and late-night performances by Eleni Zaharopoulos, Michael O’Malley and Jaimie Warren.

Collaborators: Danny Crump, Sarah Dahlinger, Micah Snyder, Will Owen, Ryan Davis, Todd Irwin, Jonathan Sims, Cayla Lockwood, and Juan TwinMG

Documentation: Danny Crump and Sarah Dahlinger