$1,000 Competition

Gallery 5, Richmond, VA

August, 2019

$1,000 Competition was a single elimination Rock Paper Scissors tournament where one lucky winner took home $1,000.00 cash. The first two elimination rounds were official head-to-head rock paper scissors games. Qualifiers went on to compete in physical challenges. The Sweet Sixteen challenge was to cut paper with scissors in a head-to-head race. For the Elite Eight round, the contestants covered rocks with slime. In the epic battle of the Final Four, the contestants smashed plaster-cast scissors with bricks. Our finale was a timed obstacle course through the entire space, with the fastest time taking home the cash.


Flux Factory, NYC

February, 2019

Rinkworm, a week-long pop-up roller rink installation at Flux Factory. The program included daily open skating with in-house DJ’s, a ‘skate-in’ movie screening of Rollerball (1975), Flux Thursday potluck and couples skate with MC Vinyl Richie, Valentine candy lollipop casting, a night of performance art featuring Seth Timothy Larson and Abigail Entsminger, MOM, and Joseph Keckler, a late-night roller disco with DJ’s PlayPlay and Sponsored Lynx, live music with Ben Seretan, Karaoke on Ice, and themed skates and raffles.

Collaborators: Danny Crump, Sarah Dahlinger, Micah Snyder, Matt Roche, Jevijoe Vitug

Special Thanks: Cayla Lockwood, Jonathan Sims, Nova Scott James, Jess Dilday, Richard Nathaniel, Will Owen, Dew Igworia

Documentation: Jaime Iglehart and Fiona McCormac


Little Berlin, Philadelphia

October, 2017

Concessioninvited participants to batter and deep fry any object and display it on stainless steel grills installed in the elevator shaft in Little Berlin’s courtyard.

Collaborators: Danny Crump and Sarah Dahlinger

Curated by: Will Owen, Cayla Lockwood, and Alex Schechter

Documentation: Sarah Dahlinger

Field Day

Knockdown Center, NYC

July, 2017

As part of the Knockdown Center’s Field Day, participants were invited to create their own plaster ice cream sculptures. Participants mixed up their own ice cream flavors and tasty toppings to complete their own melting masterpiece to last the ages.

Collaborators: Danny Crump and Sarah Dahlinger

Curated by: Alexis Wilkinson

Documentation: Danny Crump and Sarah Dahlinger

Trivial Pursuits Dinner Party: The Classic Edition

Flux Factory, NYC

May, 2017

Trivial Pursuits Dinner Party is an interactive performance dinner party serving six courses of pie to color-coded teams of dinner guests. The Classic Edition of Trivial Pursuits Dinner Party culminated in a surprise food fight finale. 

Organized by Sarah Dahlinger in collaboration with Danny Crump, Danielle Freakley, Jonathan Sims, Seth Timothy Larson, Will Owen, Jason Eppink, Larissa Hayden and Aliya Bonar

Documentation: Christina Freeman